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Women's Cycling

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How women's cycling is gaining popularity

Interest in cycling is growing and the sport is in the top three most popular sports in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, ... With 73,000 hours of live TV coverage and more than 1.4 billion cycling fans worldwide watching regularly, cycling's popularity will only increase.

What is striking is that women's cycling in particular is growing in popularity. More and more women are cycling in their spare time. At the largest Flemish cycling federation, they saw the number of female members increase by almost half in 5 years. About 4 in 10 cycling tourists are now women. Media attention for female cycling races is also on the rise in recent years. More and more women's races can be watched live on television. Public interest and viewing figures are increasing.

With the Tour de France for women, the popularity of women's cycling will only increase. The media coverage for a Tour de France is greater than for other races. For any sponsor, this will be a very important event. Moreover, the riders are mega-enthusiastic, the prize pool is big and the media coverage will be huge.

Women's cycling is on the rise and still has enormous potential to rise in popularity. An absolute must for sponsors in 2022?

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