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Lotte Kopecky SD Worx Strade Bianche

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Celebrating International Women's Day: Spotlight on Belgium's Sporting Icons

As the world comes together to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, it's an opportune moment to shine a light on the remarkable achievements of Belgian sportswomen who have been making waves in their respective fields. In 2024, Belgium boasts an impressive roster of female athletes who have not only excelled in their sports but have also become inspiring figures for generations to come.

Lotte Kopecky: Starting our journey through Belgian sporting excellence is Lotte Kopecky, the best women cyclist in the world right now. The 2023 World Champion had a great start of the new season at her team SD Worx. A lot of huge achievements lie on her way in the future, and all Belgians will cheer for her. We love you Lotte!

Emma Meesseman: Belgium's driving force in women's basketball. In 2023, she brought home the European Championship trophy with the Belgian Cats, as well as her personal MVP trophy. Also at her team Fenerbahçe she's doing great work. We are proud of you Emma!

Loena Hendrickx: Our Belgian Ice Skate hope is one for the future. She recently won a Golden medal on the European singles Championships. A lot of trophies are waiting for you in 2024 and the next coming years Loena!

Nafi Thiam: A true Belgian icon and world's best in theHeptathlon. Her trophy cabin is getting full of golden medals as she won 2 Olympic Golds and 2 World Championships. 2024 is set to be another great year with the Olympics on her program. In Nafi we trust!

Julie Allemand: Another driving force in women's basket is undoubtly Julie Allemand. The point guard was also vital in the Belgian Cats' European Trophy last year. In 2024, she's ready to take over the WNBA at Los Angeles Sparks, her new team. You rock Julie!

Cythia Bolingo: The fastest Belgian women at the moment and part of the Bronze winning 4x400 team in Poland in 2023. We're excited about her Olympics performances this summer. Go go gooo Cynthia!

Hanne Desmet: Hanne is dominating sort-track speed ice skating at the moment. Winning back to back Golden Medals at the European Championships in Gdansk. We can only expect more medals from here in the following years. Keep it up Hanne!

Julie Vanloo: Our 3rd female basketball player in this list, shows how big Women's Basket is becoming. Our Cats' Point Guard is playing for Galatasaray and will compete with Emma Meesseman for the Turkish Trophy. Good luck Julie!

Elise Mertens: The highest rated Belgian female tennis player and the big hope for the tennis fan base in Belgium. She showed her force by recently winning the Australian Open Doubles trophy for the 2nd time in her career. We're all behind you Elise!

Tessa Wullaert: The G.O.A.T. in Belgian's Female Football. She started 2024 with her 4th Golden Shoe award, leveling with football legend Paul Van Himst. At 30 years old, her career is far from over, showing the very best of herself at Fortuna Sittard. You're golden Tessa!

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us take a moment to applaud the incredible achievements of these Belgian sporting icons. Their dedication, passion, and resilience serve as a testament to the power of women in sports and society as a whole. With each victory and milestone, they inspire us to reach for new heights and break down barriers. Women's sports have seen tremendous growth and recognition in recent years, and as we look to the future, one thing is certain: the rise of women in sports is unstoppable, and the world is taking notice. Here's to celebrating the greatness of women and the bright future of women's sports. Happy International Women's Day!

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