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Volleyball World partners with 1xBet

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Volleyball World Announces Groundbreaking Five-Year Partnership with 1xBet

In a significant move for the sport, Volleyball World has announced a five-year global sponsorship agreement with 1xBet, marking the first-ever global betting partnership in volleyball's history. This pioneering collaboration will encompass both volleyball and beach volleyball events, including the Volleyball Nations League (VNL), the Volleyball World Championships, the Club World Championships, the Beach Pro Tour (BPT), and the Beach Volleyball World Championships.

Expanding Reach and Visibility

The partnership will enable 1xBet to leverage Volleyball World's digital platforms and feature its branding throughout live events. This includes prominent advertising via floor stickers, LED boards, jersey branding at beach events, and on-screen stats graphics. The goal is to enhance 1xBet’s international exposure and brand visibility through volleyball's global popularity.

Mutual Benefits

Finn Taylor, CEO of Volleyball World, emphasized the strategic importance of the deal: "This partnership represents volleyball’s first-ever global betting sponsorship and is a response to the sport's rising popularity. We are confident that 1xBet’s global reach will assist us in connecting with new audiences, driving the commercial growth of volleyball, and further promoting the sport."

A representative from 1xBet highlighted the alignment of their global strategy with Volleyball World's mission: "This long-term agreement with Volleyball World is important to our global strategy to support sports. We share the organisation's desire to promote volleyball around the world and will do everything to support this idea. We are pleased to announce that 1xBet were presented for the first time as an official partner at the start of the Volleyball Nations League on May 14."

Driving Growth and Innovation

Volleyball World, a joint venture between the FIVB and CVC Capital Partners, was established in early 2021 to drive growth, innovation, and investment in volleyball globally. This partnership with 1xBet is a testament to the rising commercial appeal of the sport and its potential to attract global audiences and sponsors.

1xBet’s Extensive Sports Portfolio

1xBet has previously engaged in partnerships with other sports organizations, including the Professional Fighters League, demonstrating its commitment to supporting and promoting sports on an international scale. Notably, 1xBet has been very active in the football world, serving as the global betting partner for major football clubs such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, and Chelsea. These collaborations highlight 1xBet's strategic efforts to integrate with premier sports brands and expand its presence across diverse sports disciplines.

Looking Forward

The collaboration between Volleyball World and 1xBet sets a new precedent for sports sponsorships and underscores the growing popularity and commercial viability of volleyball. With this partnership, both entities aim to elevate the sport's profile, engage new fans, and foster a thriving global volleyball community.

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