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Tour Of Flanders 2023

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Tour Of Flanders - Viewing numbers 2023

In recent years, the Tour of Flanders has become increasingly popular with cycling enthusiasts in Flanders and around the world. In 2023, the race set new attendance records, with more men and women watching than ever before.

Tadej Pogacar's victory in the men’s race broke previous records, attracting an average attendance of 1,351,792 in Flanders. The highest attendance of the event also reached a staggering 1,639,275 people, setting a new record for the number of spectators.

Not only did Lotte Kopecky make history, winning the Flanders Women's Cycling Race twice in a row, but the event was watched by a record-breaking audience of over one million viewers. This is the first time such a result has been achieved in a women's cycling race in Flanders. Kopecky's victory drew an average rating of 1,030,099.

The Tour of Flanders has always been a special event for cycling enthusiasts in Flanders, and its growing popularity around the world is a testament to the importance of the race. The record-breaking attendance figures for the men's and women's races in 2023 show that the Tour of Flanders is as exciting as ever and will undoubtedly continue to attract millions of spectators for years to come.

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