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Super Bowl 2023

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Super Bowl 2023 - Insights

The Super Bowl is the NFL's annual championship game, pitting the champions of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference against each other. It is one of the biggest one-day sporting events in the world and attracts high TV ratings every year.


According to Nielsen data, the average viewership of the Fox network's live broadcast on February 12 was 113 million across all platforms, a six-year high for the Super Bowl and a 1% improvement over Super Bowl LVI in 2022. Historically, it was the second-most-watched Super Bowl outside of overtime, the second-most-watched show in Fox Sports history, and the third-most-watched TV show of all time. The top two televised games are still two Super Bowl games: the 2015 Patriots-Seahawks game (114.4 million) and the 2017 Patriots-Falcons game (113.7 million). Rihanna's halftime show, meanwhile, drew an average of 118.7 million viewers, making it the second-most-watched Super Bowl halftime show since Katy Perry's performance in 2015.

Consumers spend big ahead of the game

Super Bowl-related consumer spending in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately $16.5 billion in 2023. The average US consumer plans to spend about $85.36 on Super Bowl Sunday. These expenses include but are not limited to, food and beverages, television, furniture, team clothing and supplies, and decorations. A portion of these fees also includes money used to betting on games.

Price evolution from 1967 to 2023

Super Bowl Ticket Cost 2023 vs Super Bowl Ticket Cost 1967 an increase of 72,600%

The world's greatest players put on a show at half-time while others watched from the stands. The league makes huge sums of money through advertising revenue, broadcast rights, and ticket sales. A 30-second Super Bowl ad will earn FOX around $7 million this season.

Plus, according to Andrew Petcash, the average ticket price for the first Super Bowl was just $12. In fact, the average player's salary at the time was $25,000. Fifty-six years later, the average Super Bowl ticket price is $6,076, an increase of 72,600%.

Ticket prices for the Super Bowl are down this time around, according to Ticket IQ. The cheapest seat this time around is $4,259, up from about $7,000 last year. In addition, the most expensive ticket this time was $28,788.

The average player salary in 2023 has jumped from $25,000 in 1967 to $2 million this year. These are just incredibly charming and staggering numbers.

One of the greatest benefits of organizing the Super Bowl is the revenue it generates for the host city. According to reports, the Super Bowl will generate about $600 million in revenue for Arizona through various revenue streams. This created ~3000 new jobs.

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