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Red Bull Formula 1 Pre-season Testing Bahrain Max Verstappen

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Speeding into a New Era: Unveiling the Formula 1 World Championship 2024

As the engines roar to life and the anticipation reaches a crescendo, Formula 1 enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up for another heart-pounding season of high-speed drama, adrenaline-fueled rivalries, and awe-inspiring displays of automotive mastery. The stage is set for the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship, promising to be a spectacle like no other.

Formula 1 Official Sponsors

Global Partners

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The Road Ahead: A Look at the Calendar

Now, let's take a glance at the full calendar for the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship:

Bahrain Grand Prix - February 29 - March 2

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - March 7-9

Australian Grand Prix - March 22-24

Japanese Grand Prix - April 5-7

Chinese Grand Prix - April 19-21

Miami Grand Prix - May 3-5

Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix - May 17-19

Monaco Grand Prix - May 24-26

Canadian Grand Prix - June 7-9

Spanish Grand Prix - June 21-23

Austrian Grand Prix - June 28-30

British Grand Prix - July 5-7

Hungarian Grand Prix - July 19-21

Belgian Grand Prix - July 26-28

Dutch Grand Prix - August 23-25

Italian Grand Prix - August 30 - September 1

Azerbaijan Grand Prix - September 13-15

Singapore Grand Prix - September 20-22

United States Grand Prix - October 18-20

Mexican Grand Prix - October 25-27

Brazilian Grand Prix - November 1-3

Las Vegas Grand Prix - November 21-24

Qatar Grand Prix - November 29 - December 1

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - December 6-8

A New Era Dawns

With every new season comes a wave of change, and 2024 is no exception. This year, the paddock is abuzz with excitement over several notable developments that are set to reshape the landscape of the sport.

Sauber Transformed into Stake

One of the most significant transformations this season is the rebranding of Sauber, a name synonymous with Formula 1 history, into Stake. Sauber Motorsport has confirmed online casino Stake will take over exclusive naming rights for the 2024 and 2025 Formula One seasons. At the end of last season, Alfa Romeo ceased its title sponsorship of the team after five years following Audi’s decision to purchase 25 per cent of the Swiss outfit.

With the German manufacturer unwilling to commit its name to the team until it has purchased 75 per cent of shares by 2026, Sauber will expand its current partnership with Stake.

Farewell to Günther Steiner at Haas

Steiner had been team principal of Haas since 2014, but we will no longer see the Italian Netflix star in the paddock in 2024. Speaking to the F1 website, Haas expanded: “Here we are in our eighth year, over 160 races – we have never had a podium. The last couple of years, we’ve been 10th or ninth.

“I’m not sitting here saying it’s Günther’s fault, or anything like that, but it just seems like this was an appropriate time to make a change and try a different direction, because it doesn’t seem like continuing with what we had is really going to work.”

The current director of engineering Ayao Komatsu has been appointed to replace the iconic figurehead of the team. Komatsu has been with the team since its debut season in 2016, and the 47-year-old will now take responsibility for the team’s overall strategy and on-track performance, with a brief to maximise the team’s potential through employee empowerment and structural process and efficiency.

Visa Makes History with Alpha Tauri

Red Bull and Visa have signed a global partnership which sees AlphaTauri become the Visa Cash App RB Formula One team. The deal, which is Visa’s first new global sports partnership in over 15 years, includes the title sponsorship of the secondary Red Bull team and its F1 Academy entry, while its logo will also feature on the car of the main Red Bull team.

Hamilton's Final Lap with Mercedes

As Lewis Hamilton gears up for his final year with Mercedes before his much-anticipated move to Ferrari in 2025, the stakes have never been higher. With a legacy that spans generations and a hunger for victory that knows no bounds, Hamilton is poised to make every moment count as he embarks on his farewell tour with the Silver Arrows.

DHL Extends Partnership with F1

In a testament to their enduring commitment to Formula 1, DHL, the longest-standing partner of the sport, has signed a new multi-year extension. This latest extension builds on a 20-year relationship between Formula One and DHL, with the most recent deal worth around US$40 million per season. DHL will continue as the series’ global logistics partner.

Saturdays are the new Sundays

The 2024 Formula 1 season is set to kick off with a unique twist, as the first two races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will take place on a Saturday rather than the traditional Sunday. This departure from the norm is driven by two key factors that have necessitated a shift in the racing schedule.

1. Observance of Ramadan

The first reason behind the Saturday races stems from the observance of Ramadan, which is set to begin on March 10. In respect for this holy month for Muslims worldwide, Formula 1 organizers made the decision to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix to Saturday, March 9, allowing participants and fans alike to observe the start of Ramadan without conflict.

2. Compliance with Formula 1 Regulations

According to Formula 1 regulations, there must be at least seven days between two consecutive races on the calendar. Given the rescheduling of the Bahrain Grand Prix to March 9, it was imperative to ensure compliance with this rule for the subsequent race. As a result, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, originally slated for March 17, will also take place on Saturday, March 16, to maintain the required gap between events.

This adjustment to the racing schedule underscores Formula 1's commitment to accommodating diverse cultural practices and adhering to regulatory guidelines while ensuring the smooth and seamless execution of the championship. By proactively addressing these considerations, Formula 1 continues to uphold its reputation as a truly global sport that celebrates inclusivity and respect for all.

Red Bull's Challengers: The Contenders

With Red Bull emerging as a dominant force in recent seasons, the question on everyone's mind is: Who can challenge their supremacy in 2024? After a promising testing weekend, several teams have shown flashes of potential that could pose a serious threat to Red Bull's reign.

Ferrari: With Lewis Hamilton joining the team in 2025, Ferrari is eager to lay the groundwork for a successful partnership by mounting a strong challenge this season. They took the top time in Bahrain at pre-season testing, but most important, both drivers were far happier with the feel and consistency of this year's design. Ferrari does appear to be Red Bull's leading challenger with a car that looked around four tenths of a second off on long-run pace.

Mercedes: Despite Hamilton's impending departure, Mercedes remains a formidable contender with a wealth of talent and expertise at their disposal. The good news is that this was comfortably the best pre-season testing for Mercedes since the current regulations were introduced. The long-run pace looks good, potentially strong enough to give Ferrari something to think about. However, as technical director James Allison admitted, there’s “a bit more work to do on the single laps.”

McLaren: With a renewed sense of purpose and a hunger for success, McLaren is on a mission to reclaim their status as a powerhouse in Formula 1. With a talented roster of drivers and a strong technical team, they have the potential to shake up the established order and challenge for victory on any given race day. They didn't had the best testing, but it looks like their car has a good foundation for development.

Driver Contracts Up for Grabs

As the season kicks into high gear, attention turns to the driver market, where several coveted spots are up for grabs in 2025. With contracts set to expire at the end of the year, the paddock is abuzz with speculation over who will land the most sought-after seats in Formula 1.

Among the drivers entering their final year of contract are:

Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) (signed at Ferrari)

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

Pierre Gasly (Alpine)

Esteban Ocon (Alpine)

Logan Sargeant (Williams)

Valtteri Bottas (Stake)

Zhou Guanyu (Stake)

Daniel Ricciardo (Visa Cash App RB)

Yuki Tsunoda (Visa Cash App RB)

Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

Nico Hulkenberg (Haas)

In 2024, we will see no seat changes versus 2023. But if we look at all the drivers their contracts, half of the grid will be out of contract at the end of this year. We're sure lots of contracts will be renewed during the season, but it looks like we can expect huge changes in 2025, as Hamilton goes to Ferrari, Carlos Sainz is going to be a hot suspect and their will be a much wanted free seat at Mercedes.

The Next Generation: Rising Stars Eyeing F1 Seats

As the current crop of Formula 1 drivers navigates the twists and turns of the 2024 season, attention inevitably turns to the next generation of talent waiting in the wings. These young drivers, honing their skills and making waves in junior series around the world, are poised to take the leap onto the grand stage of Formula 1 in 2025.

Théo Pourchaire

At just 20 years old, French sensation Théo Pourchaire has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of motorsport. Having impressed in 2023 by winning the Formula 2 Championship with teh ART grand Prix Team in his 3rd year in the league. He is currently a member of the Sauber Academy and serves as a test and reserve driver for Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. As he continues to climb the ladder of motorsport, all eyes will be on Pourchaire to see if he can fulfill his immense potential and secure a seat in Formula 1 for the 2025 season.

Victor Martins

Alpine junior Victor Martins thrived on his step up to Formula 2 with ART Grand Prix last year. One win, nine podiums, three poles saw him earn the top rookie honors, with him likely to return for a second campaign as title favorite.

Liam Lawson

Hailing from New Zealand, Liam Lawson has emerged as one of the most exciting talents in junior formulae, impressing with his raw speed and aggressive driving style. With podium finishes in Formula 3 and Formula 2, Lawson has demonstrated his ability to compete at the highest level of motorsport. Lawson also currently serves as a reserve driver for Red Bull Racing.

Oliver Bearman

Arguably Ferrari’s next big thing, Oliver Bearman already has ‘no doubt’ he’s ready for F1 in 2025 after impressing in two FP1 appearances for Haas. Having previously been the rookie surrounded by more experienced teammates, it’s crucial that the 18-year-old steps up as the leader at PREMA. With his raw pace demonstrated by his almost perfect weekend in Baku, Bearman should now have the second-year experience off the back of his top-six finish and maturity to make a title-contending combination.

As these young drivers continue to hone their skills and showcase their talent on the global stage, the future of Formula 1 looks brighter than ever. With each passing season, new stars emerge to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of motorsport. As the 2024 season unfolds, all eyes will be on these rising talents as they take one step closer to realizing their dreams of competing in Formula 1.

Conclusion: A Season of Unprecedented Excitement

As the countdown to lights out begins, anticipation reaches a fever pitch for what promises to be an unforgettable season of Formula 1 racing. With new partnerships, legendary rivalries, and the promise of edge-of-your-seat action at every turn, the stage is set for a spectacle unlike any other.

So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready to witness history in the making as the world's greatest drivers and teams go wheel-to-wheel in pursuit of glory in the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship. The journey begins here, and the possibilities are endless. Let the racing begin!

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