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3D Virtual Venue Technology Tottenham

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3D Virtual Venue Technology: Transforming the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Experience Before Ticket Sales

"What you see is what you get!" With this mindset, Tottenham Hotspur became the first club in the United Kingdom to introduce the 3D Virtual Venue Technology, in collaboration with their partner, Ticketmaster. This innovative technology provides supporters with a 'digital' preview of the experience they can expect at their specific seat in the brand-new stadium, even before purchasing their tickets.

A Futuristic Football Temple in London

After more than a century at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur decided to relocate to a new, state-of-the-art stadium with a capacity of 62,850 seats, named the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. During the design and construction of this ultimate football temple, the focus of the Premier League club from London was squarely on the desires of modern-day football fans. A combination of all the technological and architectural advancements of recent years not only increased comfort but also preserved the nostalgic atmosphere of White Hart Lane.

The new South Stand, with a capacity of 17,500 supporters, is the largest single-tier stand in England. Additionally, fans won't go thirsty with the longest bar in Europe and unparalleled catering and hospitality options before, during, and after halftime. The new audiovisual facilities promise ample entertainment.

In essence, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium offers fans an enhanced experience while also creating new and increased revenue streams for the club.

Why is 3D Virtual Venue Technology a Value Addition? What is its Purpose?

Ticketmaster had previously collaborated with Tottenham Hotspur as the administrator and distributor of match tickets. However, now, an additional digital dimension is being introduced. Supporters can get a glimpse of the view from their specific seat in the stadium and explore catering options, both in general and premium areas.

The 3D Virtual Venue immediately plays a role in the persuasion process by informing interested parties and visually showcasing the experiences they can anticipate. Furthermore, the purchase process is simplified because fans can compare various hospitality and ticket options, lowering the threshold for ticket acquisition.

In summary, this technology serves as a catalyst for ticket sales and enhances supporter satisfaction.

Source: Youtube - Ticketmaster Sport

How Does the Technology Work, and What Was Involved in Its Integration?

Chris Gratton: Last year, we launched our co-innovation partnership with Tottenham Hotspur, and as part of that, we wanted to explore innovative technologies that could enhance supporter engagement.

The Virtual Venue 3D technology allows fans to compare seating options and perfect their purchasing experience.

To make the system operational, we collaborated with the club to build a new integrated sales flow and created an identical 3D replica of the stadium. This allows fans to access parts of the stadium they would not normally have the opportunity to visit.

What Are the Traditional Pain Points in Ticketing, Both from the Supporters' and the Club's Perspective? How Does It Differ from Other 'View from My Seat' Features?

Chris Gratton: Traditional pain points in the sports ticket purchasing process are continually evolving in line with broader consumer expectations. For years, the sports ticket purchasing process lagged behind in terms of streamlined and efficient procedures, but we believe that, with the introduction of our fully redesigned front-end sales flows and the addition of Virtual Venue, we can address two of the most crucial issues: speed, convenience, and the ability to tailor your selection process to your preferences.

Moreover, the precise 3D detailing provides sports clubs and organizations with the opportunity to maximize sponsorship possibilities.

Ian Murphy: The primary issue that Virtual Venue addresses is that it allows ticket buyers to explore the seating location more accurately than ever before, prior to making a purchase. If someone is unfamiliar with the location, wants to explore an alternative spot, or has specific requirements for their visit, Virtual Venue offers much more detail than we could provide online in the past.

We used to provide a lot of information to certain supporters through phone calls, so in addition to providing a better experience for fans, it also helps reduce incoming phone traffic.

Now, we have the ability to visually present the stadium's state-of-the-art facilities as part of the direct sales process or as part of a broader conversation with potential customers interested in the options available to them.

Attending a sports event is no longer a matter of showing up five minutes before kickoff and leaving as quickly as possible.

Ian Murphy: The initial version of the platform on our website primarily focuses on seating and premium areas in the stadium. Over time, we will expand Virtual Venue to cover other areas. This will also provide information that was previously unavailable online, such as the location of dining and drinking facilities and all other facilities that could impact the overall experience.

Chris Gratton: Virtual Venue allows us to offer bars, restaurants, and in Tottenham's case, the Dare Skywalk, stadium tours, and other attractions when they are added.

Fans can truly understand the experience and plan where they want to meet well in advance.

How Important Is It for the Club to Continue Innovating, as with 3D Virtual Venue?

Ian Murphy: What we do digitally is a core part of our DNA. When designing our new stadium, we integrated structural technologies that enable us to accelerate innovation to support our operations, including ticket sales, and to continually enhance the fan experience.

We constantly strive to provide our fans with the best possible experience when they engage with us (digitally or otherwise). The introduction of Virtual Venue is another step toward making our fans' experience as seamless as possible and highlighting the range of seating options in all parts of the stadium. We look forward to further collaboration with Ticketmaster to continue developing and improving the platform in the future.

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